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West Midlands Walkies – Malvern Hills and Views to die for

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With numbers a little depleted for this walk – our intrepid bunch of West Midland flatcoaters set out from their home in heavy rain to make it to the Malvern Hills Walk. The ten o’clock start was pefectly timed, with the cloud lifting just enough and the rain desisting just long enough.

The walk started at Beacon Road Carpark and headed up the ‘dragons back’ of the Malvern Hills walking southwards between Wyche cutting and Blackhill. Whilst our numbers were few, the flatcoats loved tearing about the hillside, whilst we all gasped at the stunning views westwards across the rolling wooded hills and valleys of Herefordshire, or eastwards across the floodplain farm land of Worcestershire.

The wide pathway rollercoastered up and down the highest point – thrusting us upwards into the ‘brisk’ and unseasonably chilly May wind, and then dropping us downwards again for a little respite. Without any puddles/ponds or water sources to get up to mischief in, the flatties had to content themselves with stealing other dogs balls, mugging the participants of the sponsored walk for hugs, and fighting over ’the conch/halfeaten log’.

Our return route held the contour on the western side of the hills through shrubland with flatties frolicking as we went. In terms of location that was definitely the best walk yet. There will be another Malvern hills walk later in June.. so watch this space 😉

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