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Mega Flattie Weekend Report

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I finally sat down and have the time to write something for you guys.
When I started to plan this walkie last year, I never thought to get this fantastic outcome. A lovely bunch of people and their dogs with similar mindsets.

Listening to everyone’s stories. Some sad and some happy ones.

On Saturday, we got ready to get to the buffet early, to get there first.
That was the plan that everyone seemed to have. Eager people were waiting for us all at munchies. I think we got a total of 26 dogs that day which is great.
Mark from the cafe was happy to give every dog a few sausages too.

This was the point where a lot of people managed to meet each other whilst the dogs had to wait patiently for their beach preview for the next day.


Some dogs had a few tastes of the buffet too whilst their owners were trying to get their part to their table.
It was not a day without risks though
A kite rescue happened when a kite escaped on top of the cafe’s roof.
And a few doggies fell off the cafe’s promenade bit. Lucky they were wearing harnesses.
Overall I think we left the day with some very happy faces,.. doggies and people

Sunday, the big walk…
Again we tried to arrive early and as first, but no again that did not happen. Some old friends who started the first walkies with us at wagonners were there already.
And some more on the beach.
Some people were more excited than some of the dogs and went to do some agility whilst waiting for all the dogs to join together.

When we all joined up we could start the walk.
The view was phenomenal! All the dogs, their owners all on the beach. The rain tried to stay away and it did for most of the day.
Cloudy but ok.



There was one very little obstacle we needed to avoid.
A little seal pup on the beach. Unfortunately it had not survived the big waves from the last few days.
Freddie came and looked at it sniffed and gave it a last (yellow) wash.
It was a sad scene as lately we have been followed by a similar size pup when we have taken our dogs to the beach. It may have been the same one.


Then it was time for the big group shot which went easier then I thought. Not sure how many dogs we have on here, but feel free to have a count.
Someone counted 76 at some point.

I could write up much more about this, but I will let the photos speak.
Which you will find here:

What have I learned from the weekend?


A lot of people came from a far distance, not to miss this. Some for the day and some for a few days to a week.
This obviously means a lot to a lot of people and that is why I have decided to make this an annual event.
I will keep it on the same place with a little adjustments here and there. And will try and get some help this time.

I keep getting messages and email from people that are saying how much they have enjoyed their stay and the walkies and that makes me happy. It is certainly rewarding.
Share this if you like, and get people warm for MEGA FLATCOAT WALKIES, 2nd EDITION!

Just under £200 was collected for the IFRR,.. Thank you very much!

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Mega Flatcoatwalkies Guestbook

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Thank you everyone who has joined us on saturday and sunday for the big mega flattie event

Please let us know where you came from,.. and how many dogs you brought so we can try and have a count to see how many we had

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