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What is Flatcoat walkies? Dogcast radio

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Dogcast radio,

A radio station for everything dog related.
SO that means thet Flatcoat Walkies belongs in there just as well!
A month or so ago, I spoke to Julie Hill about flatcoat Walkies.

My part of the interview starts at 38 minutes inwards

Listen here

To see more dog news, go to

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Heatstroke lesson,.. the hard way

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We took Perry to the vets on sunday after he collapsed on a morning walk in Cambridge (it was an organised walk) We usually take him swimming every day, but this place had no place to swim. Perry was in top shape when we started the walk, he was very happy as he did not have a wood walk in ages, plus he met up with some old doggy friends. we all had water with us too.


10 minutes in the walk he started to sit down, Which is normal for him as we did not play ball, he tends to sit and wait until someone does give him a ball.
I coached him further, and he did,.. 2 minutes later he went to lay down and since then in a matter of about 2 minutes he was totally out the weather, we kept cooling him with all the water we could find but then he started to fit. A friend of ours took his van as close as he could get it and we started to carry him to the van.

by then he was awake but unresponsive and a boiling hot tongue and was very difficult cooling him down.

10 mins later arriving at the vets in Cambridge, they took him out the van and started to cool him down.

ALL internals started to dis-function but after a few hours cooling him persistently they managed to get him to pull through., the job after that was a matter of getting his internals to work again,.. which took 3 days on a drip and antibiotics,.. he is still recovering but very happy now and back home with us with a nearly 100% recovery.

Weekly bloods taken to see if his liver is fully restored and if other organs are touched.
That is the story in short

Perry is a 5 year old (this happened on his bday) Flat coated retriever, black and does usually do well.. no pavements crossed he had plenty of shade.

I honestly think this could have happened at home too.

He is back now swimming with us every day and is still happy . these are taken today:




I do feel I need to share this as we thought we did everything right. It was a matter of all circumstances coming together which made Perry go downhill so fast.
When a dog pants, it can be normal but it can get worse very fast.
I even think this could have happened indoors at home. Perry is usually a very bright boy and very excitable, like any flattie.
And exactly that last bit did get him nearly fatal.

So please when you organise your next flattie walks. do it where there is plenty of water.

Please share and help others with our story,.. not all dogs pull through

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