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Flattie Memorial Mayhem

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Following the recent sad loss of Charlie and so many of our loved flatties we thought it would be lovely to have an annual walk in memory of all of our rainbow bridge flatties all over the world beginning here in the UK and Scotland with Janice Bella Giusti.

*this video is only available from a pc

The idea is to have Flatcoat Walkies set up all round the Country, as many as possible, all taking place on the same day. Thus hundreds of flatties will be doing what they do best, causing mayhem, and we can all reminisce about our loved flatties antics from days gone by.
We’ve picked the 3rd Sunday in March as the date for the annual flatcoat memorial walk and come up with the title “Flatcoat Memorial Mayhem”.
We do hope you all love the idea and will join in. It does, of course, need people to set up walks in their area.

Here is an updated list of all memorial walks happening :

No Events were found.
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