A Flashback

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A Flashback

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2 years ago (not exact) I started to work on the idea to organise walks with all local flat coated retrievers.
I chose as main venue Wagonners Wells in Grayshott.
A lot of water and nice woodlands is the ideal place for our black and liver furries.
Now 2 years later we have these walks happening all over the UK.  We have created a great community that makes people and their flatties come together and make new friends.

I always take my camera, and many people do which results in a whole library of flatcoats snaps!
I don’t charge for these as it is so much fun to do and great practice. I just hope none of my gear gets too wet!
If you have photos of your walks that you want to share, please submit them in the “your photos” section.


Last but not least, I also film during these walks. And use my Gopro as a great tool.
1 year ago in Wagonners Wells, this is my favourite video.
unfortunately a few of these dogs featured are no longer with us. But it sure brings some great memories with us.
Run free Purdey, Jasper and Fizz

And here a video of them all in action:

I hope these walkies may go on forever so it will keep creating these fantastic memories.

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