What is the IFRR,

Mary Haines, founder of the IFRR explains:


The Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming was founded 15years ago by flatcoat devotees
using their own resources.

The aims have always been to help any flatcoat or owner that may need assistance either with

rehoming or advice.

We aim to be on call 24/7 – we have volunteers and contacts UK wide and try our very best to deal

with any situation – emergency or non-emergency.

Our network has grown quite considerably and so has our ability to help more flatcoats.

We have a web-site where you can read more about our work and fundraising .

We also have an active facebook page and we produce a quarterly magazine that gives updates on

our rehomings and features stories by our very clever dogs!

We welcome any enquiries and are happy to ‘talk flatcoats’

If you want to help the IFRR, you can donate here


The reason for me to choose the IFRR as a charity is because the help we got from Mary getting our rescue, Louie.
Louie is a black Golden retriever. Even though he is not a flatcoat, everyone accepted him as a flatcoat and he is now enjoying his new home with his new best flattie friends Perry and Freddie