flatcoat club of scotland Fun Day (01-06-2014)

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flatcoat club of scotland Fun Day (01-06-2014)

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flatcoat club of scotland Fun Day


Lundin Links, Fife


Each year the Club organises a Fun Day to allow members and their dogs to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. This usually happens around June and so far we have managed to have great weather each time. The venue is usually within the central belt of Scotland.
Although the format of the day can change from year to year there are some activities that are in popular demand and therefore are available each year. These activities consist of Obedience tests, Agility course and Gundog Scurry. Other activities that have been organised are Working Trials, various competitions involving dogs and their owners, Photographic competitions etc.
The day normally starts at 10 am with the set events allowing everybody to go round each event as many times as they want. Each event has a scoring system and the best scores are totalled for each event with prizes awarded for the best at each plus an overall winner. It must be stressed that this is a fun day and it is the taking part that counts and not the winning especially as the prizes are not exactly prestigious!
The afternoon usually consists of various races where the participants are handicapped by having to race with their dogs as companions. This usually means that the fittest participant is brought down to the level of the unfittest as their dog ensures they are knobbled during the race. It is a great spectator sport watching owners trying to run one way when their dog is trying to go in another direction especially when it is being egged on by all the other participants and spectators!
On average there are approximately 30 – 40 dogs attend the fun day. It is not often you get to see the glorious spectacle of 30 – 40 Flatties having the freedom to enjoy themselves all at the same time in the same field. It’s a great day especially as bad words between dogs are few and far between.

The next flatcoat club of scotland Fun Day will be held on

Sunday 1st June 2014

Lundin Links, Fife

Scurry Agility Fun & Games Quiz’s

Children free

£5 per person 10am to 4pm

Tea, Coffee, Tea, Cake and Biscuits provided

bring your own packed lunch

Please send Stamped, addressed envelope and cheque to

The Flatcoated Retriever Club of Scotland,

15 The Cloves, Menstrie, Clackmananshire, FK11 7HF

Directions to the venue will be supplied with tickets

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