Slindon Walk report

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Slindon Walk report

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Hello Flatcoat Friends!

We had a fabulous Flattie walk at Slindon Woods on the 18th January and although the weather forecast was not good threatening sleet, snow and rain, the Gods were kind and the skies cleared just in time for us to set off at 10.30!
It was so lovely to finally meet up with people I had messaged through our lovely website and meet all the Flatties! Pure mayhem but wonderful and spirit lifting!
We also had some faithful and loyal “Honourary Flatcoats” attend too- my Alfie- a Bichon Frise -(my Flattie Harry’s best chum) Toto- another Bichon and our youngest new faithful follower-Baxter- a 5 month old Newfie pup who was overwhelmed and slightly in awe of his new found “cousins” ! An adorable pup!

We braved the mud bath that awaited us in the woods (Harry of course disgraced himself by being the only Flattie who completely immersed himself in all the muddy puddles…!) he’s the one with the blue scarf in the photos, grinning away because he thinks he’s hilarious!

Our “posse” – 9 Flatties in all and 3 ‘honorary’ followed the woodland paths and from time to time we were met by other dog walkers and their dogs. The looks on their faces said it all when they saw our group of flying Flatties, playing, leaping, chasing and generally being their usual selves and I seemed to be the one doing the apologising as Harry thought it would be a good idea to “greet” every dog owner and show them how muddy he was…! Suffice to say they walked away cleaning off their coats and trousers muttering slightly!

We returned to the car park a muddy mass of fur and newly found friendship and I supplied all with a non alcoholic Winter Punch (sad but necessary for legal reasons!) and homemade ham and cheese pastries and cheese straws as well as treats for our furry friends of course!image.png

We raised a staggering £50 for the Flatcoat Rescue Society which is a brilliant cause and one I wholeheartedly support as this organisation supplied me with my first ever Flatcoat – 2 year old Susie whom we fell immediately in love with and have been in love with her Flattie cousins ever since!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended the walk! Great fun and so good to meet you all. I’m the South East Co-ordinator for Flatcoat Walkies so please do contact me on or 07921 848206 if you would like to hold an event. By the way on FaceBook I’m known as Alfie Harry!

The next walk I’m organising is on Sunday 17th May at Slindon Woods – Dukes Road Car Park BN18 OSP at 10.30 am. Refreshments provided ! £1 donation please to The IFRR via the link below


Thank you and tail wags
Best wishes from

Jill, Harry and Alfie

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