West Midlands Walkies 22 Mar 15 – Swimming & Cannock chasing!

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West Midlands Walkies 22 Mar 15 – Swimming & Cannock chasing!

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Nine brave flatcoats dragged their owners off to Cannock Chase on a bright spring morning for a walkies that maybe we should have called a swimmies?  The flatties managing to get a dip in 3 of the 4 pools of the doggy heaven that is  Birches Valley.

We met in the car park and it was great to see a good number of new faces on the walk as well as some from our previous walk.  All doggies (and humans) posed admirably for the group photo before setting off into the woods under the high wires of the Go Ape course, with flatties on leads until we got clear of the mountain bikers and the first enticing bog….

It wasn’t long before we could free the dogs and the explorer (Ted?)  found our first swimming pool.  Mayhem ensued with ‘only one stick’ on their minds at any one time… the ducks seemed unworried and swam about whilst the flatties carried on in typical style – jumping/ambushing and stick stealing in the water. And doing their darnedest to make sure that their humans got as wet as they did…

We the set off on the woodland fringe and the deep bracken where they got a chance to zoom and roll, and impressively climbed the huge stacked woodpiles – which was all good until the forestry commission chappies drove past and warned us that they stacks weren’t for playing on…. Clearly not familiar with the flattie concept of ‘the world is my playground’..

Anyhow, chastened we moved off up the forestry track with the dogs finding the boggy streams en route.  They then found some mountain bikers who’d foolishly got off their bikes – so hugs were demanded from them.  We crossed over the the small hill to the neighbouring valley and the chance for a swim.  An enterprising labrador tried to join the group for a bit there and then probably regretted his plan as got chased around by more than one sodden flattie.

The sun was well up in the sky, and spring very definitely in the air,  by the time we then strolled down the main path towards our last pool.  There were lots of other dog walkers, bikers and families coming into the chase at that point, admiring our very soggy band.

The flat coat walkies are a great way to enjoy the antics of these super funny dogs in the company of fellow flattie lovers.   Thanks to all those that made it over, especially those that had travelled far to join us.  We raised £20 for the Independent Flatcoated Retreiver Rehoming.

The wonderful photos of the walk are courtesy of Passarelli Photography – whose page can be found here..  Thanks go to Kate, Will and Moss as well for their help with selecting the route.

Our next walk is planned for May/June – I  hope you can join us.




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